Capalaba Cat Cottage


Mike Lynda

To all our valued guests. We would like to introduce ourselves as the owners of The Capalaba Cat Cottage.

We are Michael Auld (Mike) (a Veterinarian of over 40 years) and Lynda Du Vallier (Vet Nurse and Practice Manager). Mike was born and raised in Brisbane QLD and Lynda born and raised in Manly Sydney and moved to QLD in April 2007, with 3 Russians and a Ragdoll!

Not long after we met, at Mike's Vet Surgery and have been together ever since. Mike has his family in Brisbane and has one son, Jordan, who is at university. Mike also has "Ellie-May" a 13 - old Cattle Dog, who loves cats! We all enjoy family time together whenever possible.

Lynda's remaining human family are in Sydney, with many beautiful friends in QLD.

We have enjoyed a bit of travel over the years and fun experiences around Australia and overseas. Mike enjoys the garden and doing things around the home. Lynda's hobby is photography, particularly of cats and you may see some photos on the walls of the cattery and on Facebook!

We have both loved cats all our lives and currently have our beautiful hand-raised rescued cats whom we love and adore very much. "Mercy", "Mr Mistofellees" and "Phar Lap", they are our house cats and we are their slaves.

We are also involved in the Cat Fancy as we have been breeding cats since 2009. We have been breeding Scottish Shorthairs, Manx and Russians Blues and many years ago Tonkinese. We enjoy the excitement of breeding kittens and also attending local and interstate cat shows.

We have had some great results over the years. Our favourite section is the Companion ring, where you can show any cat at all that does not have a pedigree, this is just for fun. We have some wonderful show Companions and a very large display cabinet of their ribbons and trophies.

We settled and moved into our beautiful home at the Capalaba Cat Cottage site on 10th October 2017 and absolutely enjoy our home and business. We have beautiful facilities and various cat runs to choose from for your special furry friends. We are making the most of social media by posting photos of your loved kitties up on our Facebook page, whilst you are away so you can see they are happy and safe. :)

We very much look forward to meeting each pussy cat and their owners.

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