Boarding Faq's For Capalaba Cat Cottage

Requirements and Special Needs

Capalaba Cat Cottage




Your cat will require a current cat flu vaccination (F3). This certificate needs to be produced on the day of check-in before your cat will be accepted for boarding. If the vaccination is due for renewal during your cat's visit please ensure it is done at least 7 to 10 days before entry. This allows your cat's immune system time to reach an ideal level of protection prior to boarding.

Fleas and Worms

We maintain a high standard and to ensure the welfare of your cat and all other cats staying, every cat that boards here must be free of any fleas, ear mites or worm infestations. If these parasites are detected on your cat he will be treated and this service will be charged to your account. If your cat is due for their monthly flea or heartworm treatment while staying with us you are most welcome to bring it along and it will be administered on the day you ask us to.

Veterinary Care

If your cat requires veterinary attention during his or her stay we will always endeavour to contact your vet where possible as that is the person you trust to treat your cat. If circumstances prevent this due to location or the hour, or an extreme emergency, our own vet will be contacted. At check-in we will require your vet's name and contact details and, if possible, your mobile number or contact numbers while away. If you are not contactable while away we will require a contact person with authority to make decisions on your behalf.

You are responsible for all veterinary fees as well as a $55.00 charge which covers the transportation of your cat to the vet and the wages of the employee accompanying your cat to the vet.

Older Cats

We are able to care for the older cat. As it is normal for older cats to sleep a lot, even during the day, the most important issue we address is provision of very comfortable bedding for these seniors and a quiet environment. If they are unable to jump anymore we can provide some units without high shelving to minimize the risk of injury due to a fall or a missed jump.


Young kittens are most welcome after they have received all their kitten vaccinations. There must be a clear 7 days after receiving their third kitten vaccination. All kittens must be desexed by 6 months of age. We do not take any undesexed or entire cats after 6 months of age.


We can administer, according to your instructions any medications you may require us to give your cat for a small fee, including diabetic cats.

Special Requests

Whilst we provide all your cat's needs for the time he is boarding with us, you are most welcome to bring any special beds, brushes, combs, toys or special treats if you wish and these will be kept with your cat during its stay.


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