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our cattery accommodation

Many of our clients have expressed how much they appreciate the calm, relaxed atmosphere that their cats experience during their stay with us. Cats are not usually sociable with other unfamiliar cats and appreciate that they cannot see their next door neighbour. This is why all our units have solid walls, not just wire, separating the cats. Even in our outdoor single runs shadecloth along the divisions allows for breezes to circulate but prevents direct eye to eye contact between neighbours. This is an extra measure to ensure your cat feels secure and at no time will be intimidated by a neighbouring cat.

cat boarding

We have different styles of accommodation - single, long term and family units. Most of our units have either a connecting door or window to their own outdoor area. This enables your cat to wander in and out all day as they please. Unlike dogs, cats do not want to be told when they can have time outside and do not want to be taken to a separate area to play. Even the most timid cat will in their own time, enjoy the fact they can choose when they are ready to venture into the fresh air. This was an important factor in the design of our cattery. Pampered cats like to choose when they wish to snooze in the comfortable plush bed in the indoor section of their unit or snooze on the chair in their outdoor run. Whoever said life wasn't meant to be easy certainly wasn't talking about the cats staying with us at Capalaba Cat Cottage. We know this is one of the successes of our cattery and why the cats settle in so well with us.

Once your cat has settled into his holiday home, the next important desire to be met is their diet. Upon arrival we discuss your cat's feeding pattern and offer a wide choice of premium dried foods, fresh meat and most tinned foods. If your cat is on a vet prescription diet you are welcome to supply this for us to feed to your cat. If your cat's diet differs from what we provide, please contact us before your visit so we can discuss your cat's requirements.

meet our boarders

We do not change your cat's normal diet and where possible feed the same brand. This is very important to their settling in and also for when they return home - cats are creatures of habit and like as few changes as possible in their life. By feeding the diet your cat is used to the transition from home to cattery to back home again goes smoothly. Please do not change your cat's diet a few days before coming into the cattery, or decide your cat needs to loose some weight and ask us to put them on a calorie controlled diet while they are being boarded . This is not the time to stress your cat by starting him on a diet. Food is quite important to most cats and as we often say "Your cat is coming to a holiday resort not a health resort".