What do I need to bring with me when checking in my cat?

  • The cat 😊
  • Contact phone numbers – in case of emergency or questions
  • Details of special medication if needed – plus enough medication to last the duration of your cat’s stay
  • Flea and worm treatment is up to date
  • We can take out of hours arrivals and collections for $15
  • You are welcome to bring any bedding, toys, Feliway, anything that will help settle your cat on his/her holiday
  • Payment is preferred on arrival
  • Please advise us of any special needs, dietary requirements, what your cat loves or does not love! EG: Pats, brushes, extra treats, special bowls etc
  • Please advise if your cat(s) have not been in a cattery before.

Will my cat settle ok?

We are very experienced in looking out for the individual needs of your beautiful cat(s). Between Michael & Lynda we have over 50 years experience with cats.

We work hard to ensure kitty is in the right pen, for quietness if they are a little more anxious, for excitement if they like to see people and other cats more and we assess daily how kitty is settling in. If we need to move from a smaller pen to a larger one, we do or vis versa.

In the cattery we play an amazing music box called ‘Pet Tunes’. This is scientifically proven to calm cats and we have had some amazing results. We also have these to purchase in the cattery.

What happens if my cat needs vet treatment while staying at the cottage?

Though this is rare, it is important that we have the Vet that you go to and authorise us to take him/her there if the occasion arises if we can or cannot contact you. Veterinary fees and transport fees are the owners responsibility.

Michael Aul is a registered veterinarian for over 40 years and is very knowledgeable on many things regarding cats!

Are we able to pick up and drop off cats out side of opening times?

Yes we are and we are very flexible as long as it is pre-arranged! We have a $55 one way transport fee and also to and from the airport.

Can I bring my cat’s favourite food?

Yes you are welcome to bring your own food. If your cat(s) are on a special diet or veterinary prescription diet, please provide that food upon arrival.

We feed a large variety of Royal Canin cat food, Kitten, Indoor, Oral, Sensible, Skin & Coat and more upon request.

We feed a large variety of wet food including mince meat, cooked chicken, Dine, Felix, Fancy Feast, Whiskas, Purina and any others upon early request.

Is their any Additional charges for medications?

Yes as giving medications is an extra procedure and something we take very seriously and of utmost importance for correct timing, there is an extra charge of $2 per dose per day. We’ll make detailed notes of your pets medication instructions upon check-in and accurately log each application during their stay.

Can I call or email or Facebook message you to see how my cat is?

Absolutely! AND as we have a very active Facebook page, we upload photos and videos daily of the cats so you can check in and see how settled they are, see their beautiful faces and know they are loved and safe. Many people say they check in a few times a day! Just mention to us upon arrival if you would like more photos.

My cat is very young / very old, I am worried to leave them

You don’t need to be worried. Michael & Lynda have been breeding kittens (Russians and Scottish) for over ten years, so we know the special needs of kittens! We LOVE kittens and spend extra time to play and ensure their first experience is puuurfect.

For the oldies, we love them! In Winter we give them all hot water bottles, we check in a few times extra every day and ensure they are eating and drinking well and alert. We have experience in the aged care for cats. We use have heating pads as well.