What will your little Prince or Princess be offered for dinner?

Here at Capalaba Cat Cottage, we understand that every kitty is different. Some kitties are fussy eaters and some will eat anything. Not to worry, as we have a large menu specially prepared for any cat.

When you ring to book kitty in for a holiday, please discuss what your cat likes to eat. For dry food we mostly offer Royal Canin. For wet, we have a large variety of can and packaged foods, mincemeat, cooked chicken and more.

If you cat is on a special prescription diet, such as Diabetic, Renal, Kidney etc, please provide this.

We offer ‘’treats’’ as well, if you wish to give kitty a bowl of treats such as Temptations or Dental treats, its just $1 extra a day.

We are happy to accommodate as much as we can and remember pre-booking will assist us to be prepared.

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