Cat Chats Book



Cat Chats – the only cat book of its kind in the world!

The purrfect book for cat lovers that will not only warm your heart but put a smile on your face. Every photo tells a story.

Lynda has lovingly taken hundreds of photos of special cats in scenes meaningfully decorated to highlight their unique purrsonality, temperament and character. No two cats are the same!

Each cat’s owner has written a beautiful story about their cat to accompany the photo. You will love reading these fascinatingly wonderful stories of how they were rescued, chosen or how the cat chose them!

Some are truly inspiring tails of survival against all odds, of inner feline strength and their owner’s hope and dedication, proving that cats really do have nine lives!

In each photo, Lynda takes you on a journey into the feline world. She never gives up on getting the purrfect photo.

You will be intrigued and surprised at some of the delightful scenes that feature these cheeky little cats and amazed at how Lynda can get them to shine for the purrparazzi.

Cat Chats shows the photographer’s heart, love, passion, patience, persistence and perseverance as she brings out their purrsonality in every unique scene.

This book is testimony not only to Lynda’s remarkable talent as a photographer, but also to her passionate love of cats, which shines through.



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