Our Mission

Capalaba Cat Cottage is a multi- award-winning cat boarding ‘palace’ fit for little Kings and Queens. The cattery was established in 1999. We, Mike and Lynda ‘adopted’ the cattery on 10.10.2017. We are located in Capalaba, one of the bayside suburbs of Brisbane, which is easily accessible from the city.

Pussy cats continually express their satisfaction of the calm, relaxed, air-conditioned suits and atmosphere for their holiday. Some cats may not be sociable with other unfamiliar cats and appreciate that they cannot see their next-door neighbour. This is why all our units have solid walls, not just wire, separating the cats. Even in our outdoor single runs shade-cloth along the divisions allows for breezes to circulate but prevents direct eye to eye contact between neighbours. This is an extra measure to ensure your cat feels secure and at no time will be intimidated by a neighbouring cat.

Multi-Award Winning Business

Capalaba Cat Cottage was awarded Winner of the Micro Business for 2020 AND Winner Redlands Coast BUSINESS OF THE YEAR!

What an absolute honour and surprise and we are absolutely over joyed at this! With 113 finalists and many businesses and industries represented, we were chosen!

2020 Retail Finalists

Members of Apca

The Australian Pet Care Association Inc is the peak representative body in Australia for the Pet Resort/Kennels, Catteries, Doggy Day Care and Dog Training industry. Established in 1992 as a non-profit organisation by a group of independent kennel owners. The Association has been successfully providing members with essential information, help and support to operate their business efficiently and effectively. The Association represents business owners with an Australia-wide membership.

History & Background

We have different styles of accommodation – single, long term and family units. Most of our units have either a connecting door or window to their own outdoor area. This enables your cat to wander in and out all day as they please. Unlike dogs, cats do not want to be told when they can have time outside and do not want to be taken to a separate area to play. Even the most timid cat will in their own time, enjoy the fact they can choose when they are ready to venture into the fresh air.