Bushfire Appeal

When the need arises, we at Capalaba Cat Cottage like to help as much as possible. With a fabulous network of people and social media following, it is amazing what we can achieve.

When the Australian bushfire’s devastated so many lives, animals lives and homes in 2019/2020 we reached out to our community to help.

Thank you to you all we were able to donate thousands of dollars, medical supplies and essentials to the bushfire relief and we know this helped save animals lives.

Beanies for sick babies

A beautiful client of ours who boards ‘’Jasmine’’ at Capalaba Cat Cottage often goes on a cruise and knits whilst she is on holidays. Mrs Topfer knits beanies for babies who may be in hospital for any reason. We decided to reach out and ask our community to donate balls of wool! Wow, what a beautiful moment it was when we surprized Rosemary with 2 huge baskets of wool for her beanies and knitting needles! We know this helped a great deal for her to knit more beanies for sick babies. Thank you to our community.

Open Days

What a lot of fun and education we shared on our first open day in 2019. This was to celebrate our 20th anniversary as a cattery. We made this into a fun community event where we re-homed rescued kittens and showed off our cattery! Many people came for kitty cuddles, to view the cattery, horse rides, sausage sizzle, free gifts,  raffles and prizes!

Message from Capalaba Cottage

Dear friends,

We would like to thank you all for your support with our community projects. There is no greater joy than giving! Especially when it involves helping beautiful furry felines and families. Or any animal for that matter!

If you have particularly an animal cause that you would like support in, then please just send us a message and we will see what we can do, As we have such a fabulous network of people who love animals, and so many generous hearts out there, when we all band together, we can achieve so much.

Stay in touch and stay tuned for our next community project.


Thank you so much for caring Mike & Lynda.