Price List

Daily Rate
  • For all our suites it is $27 a day per cat, on a daily basis with everything provided.
  • UPGRADE! $52
  • If your one Prince or Princess would like to stay in the family units that are designed for 2-3 cats, he or she is most welcome. Why not that extra paw room and room for extra toys and furniture to bring! This is at a daily rate of $52 a day.


From $2
  • Medications $2 per day
  • Injections $2 per day
  • Home delivery $55 (one way)
  • Trips to the Vet $55

Do you have another pet, a feathered or scaly one? We can also mind your feline’s other friend!

Birds, turtles, guinea pigs, fish or other. Feel safe leaving them with us as we have a separate area to accommodate these friends. Mike is a veterinarian and has had experience with many animals.

You will need to provide safe housing and the food they eat.

Prices start from $5 a day.

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Are you in our local area and would like your kitty to stay at home while you travel?

No problem as we can come to your home once or twice a day and check in on kitty, feed her, clean her litter tray, bring in the mail and put out the garbage.

We can feed the fish, turtle, mice, dog and leave lights on to deter unwanted visitors.

Feel safe knowing kitty is well cared for and happy.
We will even take photos of kitty and message you.

There is limited availability, so please book in advance and this is only for locals.

Prices start from $50 a day.

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All fees are due upon entry of your cat to the cattery. If you would like to direct deposit into our account please contact us beforehand either by phone or email and we can offer that service as well. We do have eftpos facilities available on site.

A deposit is required to confirm your booking for Easter, Christmas and School Holiday periods as we have a limited number of long term units and we do get booked up early. If you are planning to travel at Christmas time, don’t forget to book in kitty’s holiday with us early as we tend to book out for Christmas around August.

There is no restriction on the amount of time that we will board cats. We have quite a few cats that stay long term, which can be anywhere between one month to many months and they settle in very well and adapt to the routine.

The long-term cats very quickly accept this is their new life for a while – cats do not count the days as humans do.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

You are welcome to view the cattery any time in our opening hours and no need for an appointment.

Dropping off and picking up of cats can be done between the hours of:

Monday to Friday
8.00am to 10.00am
4.00pm to 6.00pm

8.00am to 10.00am

4.00pm to 6.00pm

Closed Public holidays – please contact us for information.

We have an ‘Out of Hours’ fee of $15 if you wish to make a special tie for drop off or collection. This is by appointment.