The Story of Mercy Miracle Manx

Once upon a time...

On 14th September 2010, a lady had dropped in to Belmont Rd Vet Surgery (Mike’s practice) a very distressed cat that wasn’t hers. She was having trouble having kittens. The Good Samaritan could not stand to see the cat suffer, so she wanted to pay whatever it took to save the cat. Mike the Vet (also my partner) said that whatever was in there, any kittens, they would not be alive now. So, Mike did an emergency desexing, took out the womb and found a dead kitten. There was another ‘lump’ that was a kitten, not moving. I pestered Mike to open the womb to see if there was any chance of survival. After much pestering, he opened it up. This little kitten was not breathing. She was still pink however, so instinct told me to see what I could do and warm her up. I blew into the kitten’s mouth many times, warmed her and kept doing this for 2 and a half hours!

All the other vets and nurses thought I was wasting my time and the kitten would die. The little body weighed 56 grams, and a usual kitten weighs around 100- 120grams at birth, so chances of survival were slim and if the kitten survived, it could have brain damage for not breathing for so long. Well, two and a half hours later and the kitten was breathing on her own! So, I started bottle feeding her a milk substitute. Kittens need their mother’s milk within the first 24hrs of birth as it has antibodies in it to aid survival and prevent infections, this kitten would not get that.

The kitten was a female and also a little tailless cat. I took her home and stayed up ALL night watching and still rubbing the little body to ensure she stayed alive. The next night I also stayed up and day after day she stayed alive.

Then after a month, the little kitten became sick. She had diahrea and colic and was not gaining weight. I was devastated  thinking she may not make it. I have a great friend who is a wildlife carer, who has a humidicrib. My friend took the kitten and put her in that for a few days.

When I saw her to come and collect her, I could not believe my eyes! Was she the same kitten! She had put on 40grams and was eating all her formula! She looked fantastic! I took her home and finally after 7 weeks of a bottle, she decided to eat! I was so excited to see my little girl was starting to grow up! Against all odds, my kitten survived!

I named her ‘Mercy’ because I believe that God had mercy on her to save her. Today she is THE most affectionate little cat I have EVER had! She purrs when you look at her and she thinks I am her mum.

As you can imagine, Mercy is TOTALLY spoilt with love and toys and all the best of foods, she sleeps in our bed. She has brought so much joy to our lives and an amazing feeling to know that we helped save her. She brings tears to my eyes sometimes when I look at her because she is so special.

At the 2011 EKKA, we took Mercy to the show and entered her in the Companion section. Tears of joy ran down my face as she was named Supreme Grand champion Companion of the EKKA! You could not have had a more proud mum that I on that day!

Every year we have a very special birthday party for Mercy and now Mercy even has her own yearly calendar!

As you can see she is also our mascot for Capalaba Cat Cottage, making appearances everywhere! Mercy has also stared in TV commercials, a Netflix production, still shots for advertisements and commercials. She is a very clever girl. In fact Mercy can’t wait to get into our photographic studio and oblige mummy with beautiful photos!

Mercy is the most special girl to us; she was our flower girl at our wedding on November 16th 2019! She even wheeled down the aisle in a beautiful carriage! Enjoy the photos and videos of Mercy throughout the pages.

And of course Mercy has her own Facebook page