Has your female cat given you a gift of some kittens! We are here to help.

At Capalaba Cat Cottage, we understand that sometimes life and what we have planned doesn’t work out the way we desire. That’s why we are here to help if you have circumstances that you need to rehome your cat or kitten(s).

Maybe your female cat gave a you a gift of some kittens! We are here to help.

We have over 10 years of experience in breeding our own pedigree cats and we understand the needs of a mother and her kittens. We have in fact saved many, many kittens over the years, hand raised them and found them amazing new forever loving, indoor homes.

We are happy to take your call and discuss your situation and help where  we can.

For those wanting a kitten or cat to adopt, we mostly post any available onto our Facebook page.

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