Treat your kitty to a fabulous pampurrr package

Treat kitty to a fabulous pampurrring where she/he will receive a shampoo, conditioner, degrease, whitening of needed, fur-dry, ears cleaned, claws trimmed (manicure) and the whole experience photographed and videoed where you can see her/him being pampurrred on Facebook! Kitty will also get to dress up in a fabulous and fun animal dressing gown while she/he dries.

A very popular service we off is our fabulous ‘’Pampurrr Packages’’.

We have had many years’ experience in bathing cats and handling cats and you can have the utmost confidence that getting kitty bathed will be a safe and enjoyable experience.

We have been breeding and showing cats for over ten years with hundreds of awards, rosettes, trophies and titles. We even have a couple of companion champions at National shows! (Cleopatra (twice) and Mr Pugsley)! A very important part of showing a cat is the grooming. The cat shows are a competition and kitty must look and smell and feel the best! It is quite common to hear the judges mention how beautifully groomed our cats are!

We have purrrposely built a ‘’Pampurrr Room’’ for kitty cats! We designed this so kitty feels safe and comfortable.

We can also do a ‘hygiene clip’ and a full body clip if requested.


(Standard Pampurrr Pack)

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What is included

Kitty will receive a manicure (nail clip)

Ear clean

Shampoo & condition

De-grease if needed

Whitening of white fur if needed


Fur dry

Kitty gets dressed in a very cute animal dressing gown for a photo!

We can also do hygiene clips and full body clips upon request.