Business Of The Year And Micro Business Of The Year

Michael Auld and Lynda Du Vallier are the proud owners of Capalaba Cat Cottage.

’We are very honoured and grateful for these amazing awards. We would like to thank every pussy cat, every owner and our amazing supporters and audiences for supporting us, voting for us and celebrating every day in pussy cat land with us! This truly is a wonderful achievement. We have worked very hard through 2020, especially through Covid 19 to keep our friends connected, informed, entertained and encouraged. We pivoted and created new initiatives and activities that will now be part of our yearly calendar every year. We look forward to many more years of wonderful cat adventures at the Cottage and more initiatives ahead! Thank you everyone for your continual support.’’


About The Awards

Redlands Coast Business and Retail Awards 2020

The Redlands Coast Business & Retail Awards is a not for profit event that has grown to become the largest event of its type on the Redland Coast calendar. In 2019, more than 250 businesses participated in the Redland Business and Retail Awards, collecting more than 12,500 votes. The Gala Dinner hosted 760 local business people, coming together to celebrate business excellence. In 2020 there were 500 guests (limited because of Covid-19) at the gala dinner.

Key Objectives of the Awards:

  • Recognise excellence within the retail and business community
  • Retain spending within Redland City
  • Strengthen local businesses by promoting local shopping
  • Create and maintain jobs within Redland City
  • Promote customer service excellence
  • Encourage local businesses to focus on and improve their businesses
  • Promote consumer confidence in local business
  • Engender pride within our community
  • Promote Redland businesses to the local community

The Redlands Coast Business & Retail Awards encourages the highest standards to be maintained, ensuring that business will remain strong and vital in the Redlands.

The Business and Retail Awards Sponsors for 2020: