Classic Cats Photographic Package-Especially for your Golden Oldies!


Capalaba Cat Cottage is excited to announce, in conjunction with Catography Studios, a beautiful new photography promotion! 😊

In the creation of our first Cat Chats book, we had a few of the darlings photographed that have since lived out their nine lives ☹

We are so grateful that we had the opportunity to capture these gorgeous oldies in beautiful photos 😊


We have now created a photography special just for the seniors!  😊


The package is called the ‘’Classic Cats’ Package 😊


Just name which CAT-gory your cat fits into, and we would love to not only capture your darling in photo but we would love their history and as many adventures and tails as you can recall so far of their amazing life!

Most of you also know how creative we are (Yes we won the Redlands Chamber if Commerce Creative Industries Award 2021!)., and we want to create  as one of our annual yearly calendars a ‘’Golden Oldies’’ calendar! 😊

AND eventually a Cat Chats book especially for the Classic, Vintage and Antique cats! 😊



  • Classic Cats- Cats over 10 years of age
  • Vintage Cats- Cats over 15 years of age
  • Antique Cats- Cats over 20  years of age


Normally our single high resolution photos  are $25 each. In the ‘’Classic Cats’’ package  we are offering 3 photos for $45!

These are High resolution photos that you can reproduce onto anything, canvas, wall art, books, cards, placemats and more. We can also have these products created for you.


Book in a session today at Capalaba Cat Cottage or purchase a gift voucher for someone you know!



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